Tuesday, May 26, 2009

9 months later...

ok, so you know that blogging was not as high on my priority list as naps were when i was pregnant :) so here is a super quick update. i will try to post pictures of highlights of our family's time together throughout the pregnancy if i have a chance.

the pregnancy:

went smoothly, although i did get to experience the joys of major acid reflux, sciatica and more back pain - none of which i had as badly with alexei's pregnancy. i was spoiled the first time around. the only concern was that at anya's 36 week ultrasound they noticed that her left ventricle in her brain is dilated and they had us go to a perinatologist a couple of times to keep an eye on that. we just had another ultrasound on her brain done this morning and found out that they are not concerned about her ventricle being enlarged - they are calling it normal. praise God! thank you to those of you who were praying wtih us!

the birth:

went very smoothly, was 6 hrs long (vs. alexei's 12 hr labor) but felt twice as intense as my labor with alexei. my water broke around 8pm on sunday 5/24/09, more intense contractions started around 10pm, and we got to the hospital at 2am. i was bummed to find out i was only 4cm and 80% effaced (i had been 3cm and 50% effaced since thursday) after 4 hrs of intense contractions, but we progressed quickly and within 2 hours we were starting to push. i guess the nurses didn't quite understand when i was telling them that i went fast when we got the end of labor with alexei - they were rushing to find any random OBGYN who could catch anya. thankfully they made it just in time - 12 minutes, 3 contractions and some intense pushing later, anya nikolaevna vyssotskaya arrived weighing in at 7lbs. 11oz. and 20 inches long.

big brother alexei, grandma, grandpa, aunt kristin and uncle john all came to meet miss anya and welcome her into the family. this is their first viewing right after anya's first bath.

mommy getting some snuggles from her little buddy.

first face to face meeting for the siblings. alexei is cautiously optimistic. :) he immediately showered her with about 10 kisses and pointed out her ears, eyes, nose and mouth. the true test comes when we take her home this afternoon. i appreciate any prayers for a smooth transition to a foursome at home. :)

this was taken right after my water broke and we realized anya was on her way to join us!

sharing the good news!

is that a smile?

thank you for caring and being a part of our lives! i'll do my best to keep the updates coming.
mommy vyssotski signing off to try to add to my 3 hrs of sleep within the last 48hrs or so. :)