Tuesday, June 17, 2008

alexei just turned one!

hello everyone! we've had a crazy past couple of months. we've been sick the majority of six weeks with strange and wonderful things which i won't bore you with the details. alexei is at the tail end of his second cold in that time span so hopefully this will be the end of it for a while.

we had a birthday party for alexei on 6/7/08 though he was actually born on 6/8, but it was really sad b/c since he had the hand, foot and mouth disease, we had to uninvite all of his little buddies 2 and under from our playgroup at the pediatricians recommendation, although adults were supposed to have been exposed to it alot, so they were ok to come. we still had fun with my extended family there. however, i must not have been exposed to it when i was younger or didn't have enough antibodies or something, b/c i got it the morning of his party. we were staying at my parents house that week b/c our AC was out for a little over a week. they were super helpful with alexei and getting everything going for the party. i think alexei still had a good time and he got some neat little toys and new books which i am especially thankful for as i have memorized all of his old ones after reading them multiple times every day. i am sure you know how that goes. :)

alexei still has no teeth, though his two bottom ones look like they could erupt at any moment - though they have looked like that for a while now. oh well.

he is standing really well on his own and occassionally takes a step as he is reaching for something, though he hasn't let loose to walk yet.
he is in the 80% for his height but has dropped down to the 5% for weight. the dr. said it is probably no big deal - that it is just how he is built, but wants to do some blood work just to make sure everything is ok.
here are some pics of the last couple of months. my friend caryn took these pics of alexei when he was 11 months.
we went camping with my dad over memorial day weekend. alexei loves the lake!
this is alexei's little playgroup that came out of our square one new moms group. these little guys have been together since the beginning. it has been such a blessing to us.our munchkin:)cousin tiffany made the birthday cake and nick and i decorated it - tiffany taught us how. :)alexei's birthday party with our family.big number one!"i am not so sure about all of this hooplah""this is a lot bigger chunk of food than they usually give me to eat"alexei ended up handing the cake to daddy so he could feed him. this is his first taste of sugar. he ate the whole piece!
cousin key will gave alexei an elmo electric guitar. we have alot of fun with it.this is alexei's actual birthday. my dad's side of the family were visiting my aunt in san antonio and came up for the day. we celebrated with steaks, potatoes, salad and drove out to the marina and enjoyed sunset at the oasis. lots of good family time! here he is cooling off in the pool in the front yard with grandma and great grandma.it's official! i am one year old! we are so blessed to have him! thanks for being a part of our lives!