Friday, November 23, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

hello, all! ;)
we are up in west virginia visiting with nick's american family - 12 adults + 3 little ones makes for a full house and lots of fun conversations going on all at once.
alexei had his first plane rides on wednesday and did really well overall. he had a little fit before we took off on one flight, but soon fell asleep and all was well. we just had one delay and had to sit on the runway for an extra hour, but he took it well.
we moved into our new house on the 10th of novemeber and we are working on unpacking slowly but surely. i would guess we have about 85% unpacked. 16 people came to help us move which was awesome! we are excited about having more room to have people over.
alexei is 5 1/2 months old now and is so much fun! he is a really happy and outgoing baby - loves meeting new people and getting them to smile at him. we went through a few weeks of him waking up every few hours when he would roll over and scootch to the corner of his crib and gets stuck in the corner. he hasn't figured out reverse yet:) thankfully he has started to sleep better once he rolls over and is sleeping through the night again.
he loves being around activity and people - the saucer with the toys around it that he can stand up and bounce in is still his favorite.
ok, here are some pics of alexei, the new house and some from thanksgiving dinner last night.
i'll post more pictures of the house once we have the boxes out of the way.
lots of running room for alexei in the backyard!5 months old!sam, eric (sam's dad) and tony (sam's brother-in-law) enjoying the changing leaves and windy evening.anticipating thanksgiving dinner!alexei was in his little saucer toy thing just out of the picture and nick was taking the picture. but they were there. ;)alexei loves watching his cousin benjamin play. benjamin is three yrs old and elsa is his 2 week old little sister who is gracing our presence :)this is alexei enjoying eric, his great-grandpa who shared his testimony of God's faithfulness to him as he immigrated with his young family of wife and 4 kits to california from sweden in 1953. what a blessing to get to meet and spend time with him!we hope you had a great thanksgiving! and merry christmas not too far from now!