Thursday, August 30, 2007

12 weeks old tomorrow!

hey, everyone! sorry it's taken me so long to get the post up!
we are doing well - alexei is starting to laugh a whole lot more and is really interactive. when he is laying under his little gym thing he kicks at the bars so that the toys shake - don't know if it's intentional or just thought it was a fun thing to do. :) he loves to lay down next to each other and read books - he listens really well and his eyes are glued to the pictures. so much fun! i think his favorite is" goodnight moon".
he has outgrown most of his 0-3 month clothes now and is in size 2 diapers! it is crazy how time flies! as excited as we are about watching him learn more and more and his little personality coming out, it is sad to see the infant stage passing away so quickly. it has been a whole lot of fun and looking forward to a whole lot more fun ahead, Lord willing. :)
aunt kristin and uncle john came into town this past weekend to see alexei and celebrate kristin's 25th birthday - lots of fun family time. :)

i have gotten several comments from people that i don't have enough pics of myself in the blog - that's because i am typically behind the camera, but here is one but it's not the best of alexei. i think he was hitting his limit on photo ops. :)

"talking" to grandpa. it was really funny - he kept going for like 10 minutes. :)the dudes hanging out - grandpa matt, daddy, alexei and uncle john.
super cute hawaiin outfit a friend lent to us:)

we've started playing more music for alexei using the computer's media player which has that graphics program where cool designs in different colors move to the beat of the music. he loves watching the colors move and sometimes bounces a little to the music. he hardly blinks. it's really fun to watch him enjoy it so much.
getting really good at holding his head up and pushing up on his arms so he can look around the room.
i bought this t-shirt for him back in march when kristin, john, my mom and dad, and nick and i went to denver for spring break. as much as daddy loves to ski, i think alexei is destined.:)
it reads:"i may be small but i can ski with the big boys - brackenridge colorado" super cute.
ok, that's all for now. thanks for caring!

Friday, August 17, 2007

my little buddy ;)

hello, all! i hope this finds you doing well. :)
we are doing fantastic - enjoying our little munchkin more every day. hard to believe he is 10 weeks old already! his antics keep us amused. we are so proud of him.
here are some pics from the last week with him.
our little bruiser;) he is huge compared to an earlier pic in his carseat!
i love this outfit on him. it's such a guy outfit. i think it's one of the three or four i have bought for him. :) he's already almost outgrown it!our little man. gotta love the camo and potbelly. ;)my boys and their handsome smiles :)all tuckered out. you can only fight so many battles as a little guy. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

he's a little chunk! ;)

we just had our 2 month checkup with shots today - no fun. (the shots part that is) the dr. said he is looking really good. he is 13lbs 1 oz. believe it or not which puts him in the 80% and is 24" long putting him in the 90% for his height. craziness! he is already outgrowing his 0-3 month clothes - i don't even think he has worn them all yet because for the first month he still had his umbilical stump so we pretty much just kept him in baby t-shirts and cotton pants. wow they grow fast. i can't believe he'll be 9 weeks old tomorrow!
so, update on the cool baby things that he does:
- laughing and "talking" more. he is laughing hard now when we kiss his tummy or play with him. he loves daddy so much - he lights up when nick talks or comes into the room. alexei knows that nick = fun! he is super interactive- if we make a noise he'll coo back at us and we can go back and forth for a good 15 minutes before he gets bored and moves on to something else. :)
- he is raising up alot higher during his tummy time
- when he is on his back or in his bouncy seat he kicks his feet really fast like he is running in place and gets this really wide eyed expression that is super cute while making some totally guy noises/grunts...
- he is tracking objects better and follows us around the room when we are walking around
- he has figured out how to raise his legs, lift his bottom and roll onto his side! he did it twice yesterday without any help or coaching!
- he will sit in my lap and look at the pictures in books when i read to him although he gets bored after one or two - definantly a man of action.
- he has reached and touched his toes, though he isn't holding his feet yet or playing with them.
- and last but not least, the majority of the nights he is sleeping between 6-8 hrs at a time! yey, alexei!!! sometimes we still wake up for a 3:30am feed, but just a couple of times a week. mommy and daddy are so proud. ;)
ok, now for some pics:
8 weeks old! i am going to borrow my friend cheryl's idea and take pics occasionally in the bumpo seat to keep track of growth. he is doing so good holding his head up, but he does get tired after a while.

doing good with holding his head up and looking around!in one of his "talkative moods" - his is a mixture of cooing, singing and squealing. so much fun;)an action shot - he is doing his little kick routine where he kicks his feet up in down really fast while making guy noises. too bad it's not on video. we need to invest in a video camera. it's too cute to miss.;)daddy/son time - lots of cuddles and kisses go on between these guys - this is when nick got home from work the other night.a friend lent us this outfit along with some others. our cute little ducky;) couldn't resist taking a picture.daddy and alexei at the woolridge park for a sunday evening big band concert. we had lots of fun. before the concert we went to dinner with my extended family at fado's irish pub - that is such a fun place! i highly recommend it. i am glad my cousins, aunts and uncles got to see him before he got too big.our little guy enjoying laying on a blanket by the cows in the arboretum (for those of you who are not austinites, they are not real cows but large statues of cows. - i would not lay my baby in a cow pasture;) before fado's on sunday, nick, alexei and i had a little adventure at the river. we were trying to meet up with some friends from church on the greenbelt where there are some fun ropeswings. nick found a closer place to park than was initially recommended, which was great, but it put us on the wrong side of the river which is pretty deep now with all the rain we've been having. so we did find our friends but like i said, wrong side. well, after considering nick swimming across with alexei (he is a good swimmer, but mom wasn't too thrilled with the idea of an 8 week old in the water with the dogs;) and so we prayed really quick for safe crossing and along came these two really friendly guys in kyaks out of the blue, and they offered to take nick and alexei across! yey, God! mom got to swim - which was fun. we enjoyed the rope swing alot. alexei watched, don't worry.;) and nick found a shallow place upstream to wade through on the way back to our car. there is always some adventure when i am around my two guys. :) i am so blessed.

thanks for caring and reading!