Saturday, September 20, 2008

15 months old!

hey, guys! sorry it has been a couple of months since i posted last. we are doing well. alexei is 15 months old and is starting to say some words: "apple", "rock", & "yogurt" are some of his new ones. funny story about "apple" which was the first word he said really clearly besides "dad", "mo"m" uh-oh", and "wow": we have a couple living with us for a while, the walkers, (they are super sweet) anyways, meagan has a mac computer and alexei went over to it, pointed and said "apple" plain as day with no prompting. it was hilarious, especially given that nick works for dell. :) alexei loves being super active and keeps nick and i laughing with his outgoing and joyful little personality. we are entering the realm of learning how to disipline as needed - he definately has a mind of his own. but he is doing really well overall.
here alexei is with great-grandma and cousin tiffany drawing together.
nick's american parents, bobby and sam came to visit last weekend. we had a really good time together. unfortunately we didn't get a picture of all of us together. we'll make sure and get one at christmas time.
alexei loves shoes and especially his yellow crocks because he can put them on himself...
but sometimes he gets them on the wrong feet. :)

we've been out sailing a couple of times recently and though hesitant at first he really enjoys the experience and being able to get in the lake.

all boy. :) not the last time i will have to clean that window i am sure. ;)
we went rock climbing together for the first time since he was a few months old. it was great to be out and enjoying the company of some dear friends.
his first hair cut was much needed around 14 months - he had a serious mullet going on. he wasn't so much a fan of the whole salon experience. the lady cutting his hair is vangi. she cut my dad's hair for the first time the day i was born and gave me my first hair cut when i was a couple of years old. i was a baldy for a while. so it was fun to take him back to her to get his first haircut.

alexei decided to try running down hill towards a meter cover (like a manhole cover in our front yard) a couple of days after he learned to walk really well. that didn't go so well for him but he was a trooper.
his first knee booboo. he was actually being really tough until i put the bandaid on. he really didn't like the bandaid. what is with that? i though all kids love bandaids? maybe i need the cartoon ones. does that make it better?

our little wild man ;) sprinklers, mud, sticks, puddles... what more could a little boy ask for?
my little buddy.
he has such a funny little sense of humor. i love his expressions! he keeps us laughing all the time.
he loves to wait on the other side of the door for you to open it and say peek-a-boo. he hasn't learned to turn the doorknob yet - that will be a whole new world to look forward to. :)

we are about to head down to corpus christi for a week's vacation. it'll be just the three of us until thursday and then my parents and aunt kristin and uncle john will be joining us through sunday. i am really excited to get some good family time together.
i will post more after that.
thanks for your patience with me and for caring about our family!
- morgan