Monday, September 24, 2007

our drooly little buddy;)

hey, everyone!
we're doing well. alexei is growing like a weed and teething, so nap times are less regular and he can be a bit more irritable which makes mommy a little more tired too. :) but overall we are having alot of fun.
we had a fun visit with nick's american parent's last weekend - for those of you who don't know nick's story, sam and bobby ericsson are the couple who God used to sponsor nick and bring him to the states for some christian college education and God took it a different and much more long term direction than any of them expected. we now consider them extended family and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them while they were visiting. you'll have to ask nick about it sometime. :)
nick and i have been looking at houses in the milwood area for a few months now and it seems like God has directed us to one that we are excited about. we put in an offer over the weekend so we'll see what happens. we'd appreciate your prayers and i'll let ya'll know once we have decided anything for good.
on to the pictures. :)
alexei snuggled up in his sling taking a cat nap while nick, bobby, sam and i enjoyed a dinner at fresh choice. yummy salads. :) bobby got this great shot of alexei in his car seat. gotta love that smile. :)
this is a shot our friend, krista, took when alexei was "watching" daddy play volleyball with our friends from church. i love this outfit on him.
the boys hanging out while bobby and sam were here.
alexei's first encounter with his rattle. i put a wrist rattle on him too, but he is not as into that. he was actually shaking the sea horse rattle though which i thought was pretty good. :) of course everything is going into the mouth at this stage.
sam, nick, and alexei when we took a hike down at the barton creek greenbelt. some of the paths sam and nick had to carry alexei's stroller on for a ways. quite a workout! the water is beautiful down there right now. ya'll have got to go down there and check it out!
alexei looking adorable in his jogging stroller. ;)
on the trail with the gang.
alexei and mommy enjoying a mellow moment - pretty rare these days. he is all activity and ususally wanting to stand up in your lap. i guess that is part of teething too.
ok, he is needing some mommy time now, so i have to go. i am hoping to post some of bobby's pics up here soon - she got some great ones of him.
take care!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

3 months old!

hey everyone!
sorry about slacking last week. this might become an every other week kind of blog. ;)
two fun things that alexei started doing on his 3 month birthday are 1) he rolled all the way onto his tummy from his back! he had been trying for a few days but finally got his arm out from under him and was able to scootch on this tummy about a foot! i think he is going to be an early crawler, but we'll see. and the #2 cute baby trick is he will now grab a toy that we hold in front of him and pull it with both hands to his mouth! really exciting! :)

we've been having lots of fun the last couple of weeks. over labor day weekend we went rockclimbing with some friends (well actually, alexei and i just watched, but alexei was really excited about it - i have a feeling he'll be on the wall shortly after he learns to walk;) ). we've been playing lots of battlefield 1942 (computer game), and we also had fun watching daddy play volleyball a couple of times with friends from church and we went on our first walk in the baby jogging stroller yesterday, which was very exciting. ok so here are the pics (what you really came to see):
alexei's first toy grabbing experiences:

rockclimbing at the greenbeltgetting ready for churchplaying battlefield 1942 - and don't worry, nick only held him like this for a couple of minutes. though alexei did thoroughly enjoy it and was totally engrossed which tempted us to leave him in the tummy pack, we decided that we probably shouldn't be filling our 13 week old son's brain with even the nongruesome images from battlefield 1942;)our first walk in the jogging stroller. i told you he was excited;) actually, mommy was the excited one, because he finally fell asleep after walking one block! he's been kind of wierd about his daytime naps lately. hopefully we're not starting a bad habit.our little buddy loves his swing - and so does mommy! :)well, thanks for checking in! more to come in another week ...or two;)