Tuesday, May 29, 2007

morgan's disclaimer

hello, friends and family! this is my attempt at doing my best to stay in touch with each of you as much as you want. you are free to check this as little or as often as you like and see (hopefully somewhat frequent) updates of the goings on of the vyssotski family - and if you are really lucky, some photos! :) the frequency (or the lack thereof) of your visits to this blog will in no way be taken personally. i have a horrible track record of checking my friends' blogs on a regular basis, but hope to get better at it.
in case you are not a close friend or family member yet, my name is morgan, and i am blessed to be married to the most amazing man on God's green earth, nick. we are super excited to be the new parents of alexei - the cutest and most intelligent kid around! (we're not at all biased ;) ) we actually haven't seen him yet, but we are told that he could come at any time now, it sure feels like it will be sooner than later, but we'll keep you posted on that. we were 37 weeks as of may 27th so we are now officially full term if we deliver! woohoo! praise God for that!
well, here goes nothing! hopefully we won't have a sum total of 3 entries in the next year, but no promises. i told myself ahead of time that i will not feel guilty if i end up being a flop in the area of joining the blogging world. hopefully this little blogging attempt won't be a disappointment to you, but if so, sorry! this is all i got for now. :) looking forward to keeping better in touch with all of you (hopefully!)